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Become a Volunteer

In addition to the Board Members and Chairpersons, volunteers are needed to serve on the committees and other positions such as:

  • Auction Assistants
  • Coaches and Assistance for Blind Golfers
  • Event Contests
  • Handouts and Gifts
  • Hole Judges
  • Onsite Registration
  • Raffle Ticket Sales

If you would like to volunteer for this year's event, please complete the volunteer form.

For more information on how you and members of your organization can get involved, please contact the Leader Dogs Classic Volunteers Chairperson.

Leadership & Contacts

The Chief Volunteer of the Board for 2018 Leader Dogs Classic, Inc. is Mr. Michael Himelfarb. Members of the current Leader Dogs Classic Board of Directors and Chairpersons include:

Chairman Emeritus Merry Nessinger 602-814-7059 mary@ldclassic.org
Treasurer Will Manos 602-690-1728 will@ldclassic.org
Golf Chair Todd Brugger 480-704-4366 todd@ldclassic.org
Sponsorship Chair Shaya Shams 602-882-1718 shaya@ldclassic.org
Auction Chair      
Volunteers Lindsay Himelfarb 480-275-1251 lindsay@ldclassic.org
Chief Volunteer Michael Himelfarb 602-432-9875 michael@ldclassic.org

With Appreciation

Jim Jenks, Chairman of the Board

The Board, Officers, Chairpersons and Volunteers for the 2018 Leader Dogs Classic take this opportunity to thank and honor Jim Jenks, our past Chairman and vital supporter for so many years. Jim’s leadership and tireless commitment to this cause spearheaded the growth and success of the Arizona-based volunteer effort. Always available, forever thinking, Jim brought his significant business skills and personal talents to bear each and every year to benefit those in need. While Jim has stepped away from the Board, he has not altered his support for the Leader Dogs Classic – an act of kindness and generosity that only fuels our respect for this gentleman.

We never took for granted the time and effort afforded us by Jim and we will not make the mistake to forget to thank him publicly once again.

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